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Totem Magic    
  Yasmine Galenorn
Yasmine Galenorn shows you how to uncover the animal spirits that guide and guard you in your life's journey. Drawing on Pagan shamanism, she offers guidelines, spellwork, and rituals for connecting with your totems for strength, protection, and empowerment.

  18,95 euro
Totem Magic
Chronicles of a Healer    
  She Who Dances (Sally Perry)
Het boeiende verhaal van een vrouw, als healer geboren. She Who Dances leidt ons door haar leven, bestaande uit ceremonie, ritueel en reizen. Elke keer staat de lezer versteld van haar gave te experimenteren (intuïtief healer) en haar openheid te delen voor ons eigen helingsproces. Bij het lezen van dit pakkende boek krijg je het vertrouwen in overleven en ga je gesterkt op weg naar al het moois, dat komen gaat. Indrukwekkend.

  18,50 euro
Chronicles of a Healer
The Ecstatic Experience (book + cd)    
  Belinda Gore
The human need for ecstasy--the ability to be free of the limitations of ordinary consciousness--is as imperative as the need for food. Renowned anthropologist Felicitas Goodman claimed that being deprived of ecstasy was the fundamental cause of all forms of addiction. Indigenous cultures and the civilizations of antiquity were aware of this and developed specific rituals to induce and channel trance energies to detoxify and nourish the subtle body in order to experience the ecstatic reality that gives life to matter.
The body postures seen in ancient art from Mayan, Egyptian, African, Native American, Sumerian, and other ancient and indigenous traditions are a doorway to inducing this kind of ecstatic trance. People who assume these postures in a ritual context are able to experience expanded and transformative states of consciousness.
Following up on the groundbreaking introduction of this practice in her first book, Ecstatic Body Postures, Belinda Gore provides a new series of 20 sacred postures and exercises that allow for a deeper understanding and utilization of these shamanic practices. She shows how to use the energy awakened by these practices for healing, shapeshifting, initiations into the mysteries of death and rebirth, divination, spirit journeying, and restoring balance to the cosmic patterns disrupted by destructive human activity. To help reach these deep, ecstatic trance states, the author also provides a 60-minute CD of shamanic trance rhythms to accompany the journeys.

  28,90 euro
The Ecstatic Experience (book + cd)
Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians    
  Warren Jefferson
This book provides an in-depth look into a belief system which very little has been written and offers a deeper understanding of the profound spiritual life of the First Nation people. Here is a rich tapestry of stories about death, dying and returning to this life from tribes across the U.S. and Canada. Readers will learn about the Cherokee's Orpheus myth, the Hopi story of "A Journey to the Skeleton House," and the Inuit legend of the man who lived the lives of all animals. Also included are first hand accounts of the Lakota Sioux Ghost Dance and the official statement of the Ghost Dance doctrine known as The Messiah Letter. Over thirty black and white photos complement the text.

  17,95 euro
Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians
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